5 Revealing Reasons You Need To Own An E-commerce Website

For every passing bright sunny day, the world evolves, delving deeper into technologies that benefit the human race.
One of these technologies is evidently the marketplace moving online. I wonder if our ancestors thought this possible. Well, it is possible now and it is fast taking over.

Over 2.2 million humans are on the internet each day, searching for a thing or two. That’s a lot of numbers and a massive revelation if you’ll ask me. Regardless of these numbers and the evolving of the earth, there is, nonetheless, a good variety of individuals who are ignorant of the benefits attached to owning an E-commerce Website. This breaks my heart. So, I’d be acting as Superman, coming to save the day.

Firstly, What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce is basically the selling and buying of goods and services on the internet, using the transfer of cash and data to actualise these transactions.
Therefore, an ecommerce website means having an online store, a place where you can carry out your own internet transactions with people who’d love to patronise you. But you are asking right now “well, I have a physical store, why worry about an online one?” I could also ask:

“Would you love to be left behind while the world moved forward?” I bet you wouldn’t.

Having a physical store does not deter you even the slightest, from proudly owning an online store. In truth, it miles to your advantage as online stores compliment physical ones. If you do not own a physical store yet, an E-commerce website can help you avoid the cost of rental and utility bills.
Aside these, there are quite a number of great reasons why you should own an E-commerce website. I’d be running you through a few in 3, 2, 1, okay.


Marketing Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Firstly, you have to understand the meaning of SEO. This is the art of developing your online contents with unique keywords cautiously placed in them, so that they show up as top results in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, increasing organic traffic on your website.

Contents are a very vital part of running an E-commerce website, hence, the reason why we must follow strategic processes to use these contents to our utmost benefit. SEO helps you to improve your website visibility, so that customers and potential customers can reach your business. This helps to improve the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.

Through organic traffic like this, you can accumulate traffic that is sure to work towards increasing revenue generation for your business. Also, you can make the most use of local and international SEO, driving traffic from different places to your website. Well, there’d be no traffic through SEO without a website, so get ready to own one.

Google Shopping

I really do not see why your business shouldn’t be online as this keeps getting better. Google has added a new section to search results that makes it easy to shop online. Google has decided to spread out its shopping search to unpaid organic listings. What this means is, dealers like you can now showcase products on Google, free of charge!

This feature allows people who want to shop, come in contact with a variety of stores to buy from, seeing relevant products and heading directly to the stores that sell them to make their purchase. Having your products exhibited on Google shopping[hyperlink] search systems means your business is liable to come in contact with millions of people browsing the internet to shop. You can choose to feature your products on Google Shopping and increase organic traffic for your business.

Avoidance of Geographical, Time and Conveniency Limitations

• Geographical Limitations: having an E-commerce Website helps you do away with limitations that physical stores would usually generate for you. You are exposed to customers from afar, near and wide that might be interested in your products or what you offer. You can spread your business wings and fly beyond your locality. Who doesn’t want to fly?

• Time Limitations: unlike your physical store where you have specific time for opening and closing hours, your online store runs 24/7 even while you’re asleep. Time they say is money, you can’t beat that.
• Convenience and Flexibility: this goes for you and your customers as well. Your customers at their convenience can browse your products, check availability of new stocks, purchase and pay for items with available payment options, when, where and how they want. You can also run your business from anywhere, regardless if you went on a trip or just chilling right in your sitting room.

Brand Identity and Recognition

Identity goes beyond a logo that is etched at the corner of an image or that logo that pops up on the screen and says “wekky’s art – the beauty of…” whatever comes after, I do not know.
Having the internet also become a place for scam activities and persons, sometimes disguised as agencies or business owners, you want to go a step further to assure authentication, credibility and genuineness to your customers.

Owning an E-commerce Website helps people come in term with your brand, and clients can easily associate products and categories with your brand. This in turn aids referrals from satisfied customers who want to share your products on their social media pages. There may be a direct link to where your potential and existing customers can reach and know more about you.

You can also create lasting first impressions on people that stumble on your websites, turning them into actual customers. Most humans like to be impressed.

Target Your Audience Properly

There are a variety of ways through which you can target your audience when you own an E-commerce Website. Through data from your website you can:

  • diagnose geographical locations in which customers are buying from.
  • Ability to know the purchase logs and manage payments
  • You can understand how customers found you using jetpack plugin and google adsense Api

Focusing on certain traffic sources like these ones can provide you with leads as to what your customers are primarily interested in. Going ahead to work with these data increases traffic and also bring in great customers.
Talking about great customers, you can as well put to great use email marketing.

This helps you build a community of customers through a list of subscribers and contacting them via an email provider. This has proven to be an efficient way of reaching new and existing customers.

This way you can request for reviews on products, run new campaigns, tell customers about new sales, promote a blog post, give discounts and tell them of promotions to participate in.

Through email marketing, you can engage your customers directly, solidifying trust and credibility.
Another approach to promoting your E-commerce Website is running a blog. You can tell your story, share insights with customers through blogging.

Hit us up, we’ll tell you more about it.Of course, all these reasons revealed above as to why you ought to own an E-commerce website eventually leads to directing more traffic to your business and this in turn increases your profit range.

Taking the first step, which is building your own online store, and then putting all these together, getting comprehensive data and putting them collectively to good use, you get to sell where your customers are and generate extra earnings with lower risk.

Thinking Of How To Start Up Your E-commerce Website Right Away?

In these cutting-edge times, you may be able to create your personal websites on a few e-commerce platforms. Well, that sounds like something, but it is absolutely not the greatest. Here’s why – you’d be setting up the site, but with limited knowledge and capabilities.

This is the utmost reason why developers are needed and website projects are still being awarded to website agencies like iCOWEB because of the experience, in-depth knowledge and customization required.

You want to be a proud owner of a resourceful website now, don’t you?
At iCOWEB, we have developers who have committed their time into creating the best e-commerce websites for clients.

Using the best e-commerce platforms, iCOWEB creates online stores that generate sales and convert visitors to leads and customers. These websites additionally function nicely on all devices. We also make sure your website approach is built on validated data.

Also, the speed of your website will be to your utmost advantage, as we are aware that slow websites eventually lead to losing opportunities and angry customers that might eventually leave. This, we definitely do not want.

If you have any questions or specific inquiries about e-commerce websites or any type of website you might want to set up, our team is readily available to answer and put you through. You can leave your questions and comments under this post or go directly to www.icoweb.website. We will be happy to have you.

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