All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

 All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

Long before I could really understand what SEO meant, I always thought that the term sounded absolutely alien. And even as famous as it is within the digital marketing industry, for beginners who are  still yet to get a hang of it, SEO can appear to be extremely complicated and difficult to understand. However, the industry keeps evolving and users must learn and maximize the most out of every emerging opportunity.

Having discussed a little about SEO in one of my previous posts “5 Revealing Reasons Why You Need An E-commerce Website“, I’d be talking extensively about everything you need to know concerning SEO and how you can use and understand it. Enjoy the ride.

What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the system of increasing the high quality and amount of your internet site organic results in search engines, so in turn get traffic, sales and leads. This is to say that the quality of the contents on your website should be capable of fulfilling your audience needs. Giving solutions to their problems and questions, connecting with specific keywords they are using and giving them the kind of contents they need and want to see. 

Results that appear on search engines can either be organic or paid for. Organic search results are contents that have made it to the search engines listings for free, without having to pay. This is either because of their relevance, authority or placement of keywords in accordance to the rules set out by the search engine. 

Paid search results, unlike the organic results are adverts paid to appear on the top page of search engines. A less relevant advertiser can pay to get their contents to rank above a more relevant advertiser who is paying less.

What Are Search Engines?

A search engine is a software program that delivers a list of information to internet users in respect to their questions or queries. These search engines like Google and yahoo! collect and put together information from all over the internet and organize them in a listing, judging by how relevant, authoritative they are. Also by their quality and quantity measure and keywords. This listing appears on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP)

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

There are a number of search engines available on the internet today, with Google taking the lead and the likes of Yahoo! and Bing following closely behind. These search engines can be accessed on gadgets that can access the internet like computers, smartphones, iPads.

Search engines use different algorithms to determine what content rank higher on their search results pages. These algorithms are used to crawl, index and rank contents and websites. To do this, a bot, spider or web crawler access pages on the internet and collect the information. After which the search engine index the crawled pages. These two steps lead to the final step which in itself is the trophy for seo. The pages and contents are ranked depending on the keyword density,  website authority and inbound links.

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More


SEO techniques can be divided into two major parts:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO


This is basically playing by the rules laid down by a particular search engine. This technique does not encourage dubious or deceptive means of ranking or gathering traffic. White hat  is advisable for websites intending to be around for an extended time period on the internet. For a better white hat result, here are a few things to note:

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

  • Creating contents for users and not for search engines means you have users at heart. Making your content solution to problems and questions help you stick to the good side of SEO.
  • Make your site mobile friendly. The internet is widely operated from mobile devices these days, so you’d want your website available on smartphones, tablets and the likes.
  • Make your website user friendly with a great user experience.
  • Generate natural links to your website. Do not go the black hat way.
  • Use applicable keywords and meta descriptions.


This technique is the opposite of the White Hat Technique. People who use this technique go through dubious and dishonest means not approved by search engines  to help their pages have a high ranking on search engines. These people often get penalised when found out. They are penalised by permanently or temporarily getting banned from search engines. Sometimes they just have their rankings decreased which is not very good for business. This automatically results in fewer leads, less traffic and diminished revenue for such websites.

Activities included in Black hat seo that you should stay clear of includes:

  • Cloaking: sites that cloak contents trick search engines by showing them one content and then showing users a different content entirely. This trick unknowingly prompts the search engines into ranking them higher.
  • Paid links: having credible backlinks to your page helps you rank higher on Google. These links are to be generated naturally, however, black hat SEO users pay other sites to link to theirs. 
  • Keyword stuffing: This is the method of using keywords excessively in a post so that search engines can notice you. This method makes content unrealistic, not unique and devoid of quality. 

These and other black hat techniques you might come across are harmful to sites who intend to keep their businesses on the internet for long. Most sites or people that use this SEO technique despite knowing its disadvantages are most times less concerned about the risk. The sites are created to only last a short period of time, which means they can get away before they are caught by the search engines.

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

Grey Hat SEO

Asides the two major techniques mentioned above, Grey Hat is also considered a technique. This is commonly used by people who try to find a balance between white hat and black hat. It is also dangerous as it most times eventually falls on the black hat side as one cannot put on the fence for too long.

Grey Hat SEO include techniques such as:

  • Buying social media followers
  • Buying old domains
  • Content duplication.

Other Relevant SEO Techniques

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is also known as on-site optimization which means optimizing the pages and contents of your website. This can be plainly explained as making sure your website is in sync with whatever services you claim to offer and what you want people and search engines to rank you for. 

Optimizing your website for a better On-Page SEO would include:

  • Ensuring your website loading speed is top notch. People have less time to spare and search engines consider speed as a factor for users to get answers to their queries. A slow loading site would be of no advantage to users or search engines or the owners themselves.
  • Website contents. The contents on your web pages should be beneficial and capable of rendering solutions to problems of visitors that come across your website.
  • Fix targeted keywords in specific pages on your websites. Also add them in title tags.
  • Internal links. When you link other pages of your website, web crawlers can have access to other pages you want them to see.
  • Optimize images on your websites by adding alt tags. 

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

Off-Page SEO

While On-Page optimization has to do with the contents on your websites, Off-Page ensures that external actions are taken to help your website rank in search engine result pages. 

The main factor for Off-Page are backlinks. Backlinks are links naturally gotten from other websites because the contents you have created have been found of good quality and useful. These links are seen as credible vouchers for your website by search engines. Having a good number of genuine site links to your contents shows web crawlers that such contents are worthy of listing on results pages for other users to see.

As much as the number of links matter, the quality of these links matter even more. That is why one link from a high quality website like Forbes or Amazon for example can give your website visibility more than what a number of less authoritative websites would give you. 

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More

Naturally earning backlinks can be a bit difficult for new websites just coming into the SEO industry. Hence, the need to be consistent in following rules and optimizing contents as much as they can.

Another factor that affects Off-Page technique is keyword research. There are a number of tools one can use in finding out the exact words or phrases users are searching for. The most popular tool being Google Keyword Planner. With this tool, you can narrow your search down, having relevant keywords with less competition so that your site can be seen when queries are made. You do not want to settle for keywords that are extremely competitive or ones with no competition at all. Strive to strike a balance.

All The Simple Things You Need To Know About SEO And More


If you’re reading this, then that means you have taken your time and gone through this post. I want to believe that you now know the basics of SEO that you can begin with. You also know better than to delve into black hat and what better side to stick with. You can start with these techniques mentioned above to optimize your contents and website.

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