From the moment you closed your eyes to sleep till when you wake, there has been one extra step taken to improve human existence. Technology has considerably taken adult strides, leaving it’s phase of shaky, wobbling baby steps. Technology delves deeper into more possibilities than we can fathom. The possibilities seem endless.


Advanced technology or high tech as it is sometimes called can be said to be technical maturity. In other words, the growth of technology. It has also been defined as a growing IT innovation that guarantees substantial significant value. The world has become so technology oriented that humans are now in a fix where they can slightly pass without the use of a form of technology in a day. It is best to embrace technology knowing that it will continue to evolve and enhance personal lives and businesses of humankind.
Advanced technology cuts through diverse areas. This means that there are quiet a number of branches of which we are very familiar with some. They include, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, internet, deep space network, medical technology amongst others.


This is also known as AI. It is often described as machines that mimic activities that humans associate with the human mind or the project of developing systems endowed with characteristics of humans, inclusive of the ability to reason, find out meaning, or learn from past experience. Examples of AI that you will often hear of would be chess playing computers or self driving cars. They depend on intent learning and language processing. Computers systems can be trained to accomplish specific tasks through processing of large quantities of data and recognising styles with the records.


This basically means near reality or similar to reality. Virtual reality offers it’s users the illusion of being elsewhere, a computer generalized environment. This is done with a number of systems like headsets, treadmills or special gloves. This things simulates the senses, creating the illusion of reality. The user can pick up and manage gadgets that they see in the virtual environment. Examples of where virtual reality is used is online gaming.


The internet is the worldwide system of inter connected computer systems network that use well known protocol networks. The net allows digital information travel round the world. In other to connect to the internet, you must have access to an internet service provider which acts as a middleman between you and the internet. The internet provides webs, emails, social media, online gaming, software updates.
Social media which may be very common provides applications and websites that allow people share thoughts and experiences via photos, videos and remarks.
Many businesses are discovering how first rate an online presence can affect their corporations. Internet gives the smallest of startup companies an opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of potential customers.
Websites provides credibility and accessibility round the clock. It facilities good first impressions on your potential clients. To be successful in the modern-day marketplace, it is almost vital, the need to have a professional internet site, as they now seem the backbones of businesses, supporting all your digital marketing efforts.
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