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When technology is mentioned, in most instances, our minds picks a race to airplanes, computers, robotics or that flying car you won’t stop imagining. Technology over time have been defined in several ways, from being the usage of gear and machines to utility of knowledge in specific areas. However, the simplest and more comprehendible way to define technology would be the progression of mankind over the years to implore ideas to improve and create a higher and better standard of living.


The primary steps of mankind to provide shelter, control fire and provide coverings for the body can be described as primitive. The making of stones into tools, branches into thatched roofs and heat fueled with woods and charcoal to cook their food thereby allowing digestibility and improvement of nutrients value. Primitive technology progressed in time. Scrolls for example were used to keep records and database. By early 20th century, the term embraced a developing range of ways, approaches, thoughts in addition to equipments and machines.
Since then, technology has been classified into simple or basic technology and advanced technology. Technology has additionally been divided into many aspects as you’d find, medical technology, space technology, educational technology, communication technology, among others.


Simple or basic technology are tools within our reach and grasp that can be used with less difficulty. They do the most basic things like cleaning, recording and heating of foods, washing the dishes or clothes.
You know that beautiful yet terrifying moment when your baby takes the first steps? Your expressions are unexplainable. However, these memories can be stored if you want. Pictures are taken, capturing moments that would have faded away or have been lost if there were no cameras. Making memories permanent in a way that generations can share in your moments.
The camera have emerged as so basic that you can take photos anywhere or anytime. However, the use of cameras dates back to the 1800s, but baby steps have since become adults strides.
Technology can be as basic as brooms and dustpans or vacuum cleaners with which we keep our homes clean or the microwave with which we heat our food or knifes we use to slice and chop.
Another basic tool is the mobile phone. In a bid to ease the disadvantages of less communication and delay in passing information through communication, mobile phones came into existence. An average house is said to own at least one mobile phone. This is where communication technology comes in.


From automated robotics, record preserving database to information security to spacecraft, this shows that the world has fully embraced technology and it’s intentions to discover more for the benefits of mankind. The moon and space is reachable because of advanced technology. High technology delves deeper than just the random everyday tools we use.

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