You know that hairline that just keeps moving backwards like it’s scared of the frontline on the battlefield? Yes, that is your hairline receding. Not falling in line but falling out of line, and we know how bad it can be. A lot of things can recede, including your businesses, career, jobs, and our minds. Recession is commonly used as an economic term, however in basic terms, it means to recede and that is to withdraw.
A receding mind typically means a state where your mind is falling back on positivity and progression. This may have effect in diverse areas of a person’s life. The changing seasons of business is a natural stage of an economic cycle that therefore says that challenges are sometimes presented to business owners or employees and such demanding situations, if not taken head on can affect a person.
The energy of an effective mind and countenance is a popular concept and there have been times wherein physical and mental benefit of this act have been established with the aid of medical discoveries. One of which states that, happiness makes you successful.
Hence, in that time when our business, career, projects starts to recede or fall back, it is important to keep a positive mindset as this influence output, will power and ideas.


  1. There is an urge to cut products size, raise price, or cut prices to sell off products.
  2. You do not have enough capital to keep up. At this point, companies no longer have monetary power to expand, pursue projects or even keep their employees or workers.
  3. You haven’t spoken to potential clients/customer for some time. There are no new customers, or old customers coming back for more. No one is patronising.
  4. No one is reviewing your business, customers do not know you exist, no one is telling the other about you.

When at this level, try to answer these questions:

  1. How much human power can we afford at this time?
  2. Are we focusing on the proper target market?
  3. What resources do you need to reach potential customers and maintain tremendous output?
    The mind is the birth place for thoughts, ideas that most times affect our growth and things around us. A receding mind is dangerous to business and increase in general.


  1. Begin each day with positive affirmation: Just as the ingredients put in a meal determines how the taste of a meal comes out, so are our thoughts towards anything. After positive affirmation, discover an approach to remedy at least one problem a day or in a week.
  2. Avoid pessimistic view: we understand that at the point your business is falling back, we are challenged into blocking out ideas, this we might not know, but it’s happening. However it comes, you need to be flexible enough to alternate your attitude towards trying new things, experimenting with differing viewpoints. Avoid being sluggish in taking a decision.
  3. Talk to you yourself and those around: attempt to talk to people that have succeeded in your line of business or career. Talk to your employees, some may have ideas they are willing to share.
  4. Focus on good improvement: however small, be grateful for it. If your business has a reduction in customers, find new means to reach out to more. The internet has made it easy to reach out to potential customers. There are avenues with low-cost to promote your business. Maximise competencies and opportunities, make precise use of the tinnest possibilities. Also endeavor to look professional by owning a website. It leaves a terrific impression on your potential clients. Visit and meet with amazing web builders.
  5. Find Humour In Bad Situations: a sense of humour is the very key to resilience. Capture an opportunity to break out of gloomy situations with a good laugh. Humour can be a great mechanism for easing demanding situation. Reappraising a difficult situation includes recognising that it can have a hidden advantage or may not be as bad as it first seem.

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